Friday, March 4, 2011

Cropping Image in Microsoft Word

Sometimes, I have to make some user guide for clients on how to use their web application. Usually I use Microsoft Word to make those user guides. In that user guide, I have to display certain images to explain some feature in the application.

In order to display that image properly, sometimes I have to crop the image. And to do that, I always use other programs like Microsoft Picture Manager or ACDSee or Adobe Photoshop. But now, with Microsoft Word 2007, I can crop the image directly from the Microsoft Word.

I will show you how...

Sunday, February 27, 2011

How to search for icons

Searching for icons in the net is sometimes needs a lot of efforts. Usually internet user using Google to find some icons, but you see Google is not always came up with the very cool ones.

Next time when you trying to search for some icons go to is a specially designed search engine for icons. With you can search your icon in the best way possible. And the result of the search is really satisfying.

You can download the icon on PNG format or ICO format, you can also see all the icons in the icon set of the search results. also gives you the information regarding the icons, who designed the icon, what's the icon size and the name of the icon set. is the best way to search icons in the net....!!!

Thursday, February 24, 2011

How to update driver free and easy

When is the last time you have updated all the driver in your PC/Laptop??

Well, can't blame you... since personally, I know how hard that can be. Plus you have to spend a lot of time googling the driver updates searching for the download links. Sometimes we don't even know if that is the correct update for the driver. you don't want to execute the wrong updates do you? coz that will make your PC/Laptop crashed!

How to block a website in Windows browser

If you want to block some websites, so that the website can not be open in your PC/Laptop, than I have a perfect solution for you. But this can be done, only, if you are using Windows as your operating system, regardless the version.

With this solution, every browser in your PC/Laptop will show an error message everytime opening the blocked site. Here what you have to do...

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

How to capture a web page?

Some of you maybe have the answer on that, most of you would answer to use the print screen button in the keyboard. I gotta tell you, it's old-school...!! beside it can not capture the entire page, especially when the web page is too long down.

I have the perfect solution on that.

Monday, February 21, 2011

How to synchronize subtitles using Media Player Classic

Sometimes when you download movies through the internet, it comes along with the subtitles (usually with extension .srt) But the subtitles is not always be comfortable to use. Because sometimes this subtitles is not synchronize with the movie.

This can be annoying! but wait, no need to be desperate... actually if you are using Media Player Classic - Home Cinema, you can resync the subtitles in no time!

How to download Youtube videos with one click away

There many ways to download Youtube videos, you can find all of it through googling. but there are the hard ways with many steps and procedures, or there is the easy way, with a single-click away.

Which one do you choose? :D

I've been using Internet Download Manager (IDM) for several months. And it seems, i don't have trouble anymore when i want to download some videos in Youtube. Since IDM currently is equipped with auto-detection for flv videos.

So whenever the browser auto-detected a flv video, a splash window will automatically appear with download button, when you click this button, the video will automatically be downloaded to your PC or laptop.

Easy huh? :D

You can find the latest version of IDM in here